EW Releases New Pics of Peeta...oh, and that Gale guy, too

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, Jeff Riedel for EW

If you haven't guessed, I love Peeta! So when I read Sara Gundell's post in The Hunger Games Examiner that Entertainment Weekly released new photos of "The Men of The Hunger Games"...well, of course I had to check them out! You can, too, by looking at their updated slideshow, found here: 'Hunger Games' Meet the Cast

Peeta is played by Josh Hutcherson. I love his work and think he is the perfect Peeta. By the way, when I write that I love Peeta, please note that I am not a "cougar"! I am happily married and am old enough to be Josh's mom. I just love the character Peeta and Josh's portrayal of him. I just wanted to say that so I don't creep anyone out here!

Oh, and here's Gale (Liam Hemsworth). I don't find the character Gale attractive because I hate his attitude, although he does have his moments. Since I haven't seen any movies with Liam starring, I can't vouch for his acting like I can for Josh's. But, I have to say he looks good as Gale. Pretty close to how I imagined Gale to look. Enjoy...

Photo courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, by Jeff Riedel for EW

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