FRAUD Alert: Beware of Suspicious Email from Global Teacher Exchange

If you received an email from a company called "Global Teacher Exchange" claiming to have a new site to sell materials for teachers and advertising a Hunger Games Unit that sounds like mine, I want you to know it is NOT mine--it is actually stolen from another teacher.

This person has been trying to sell other teacher's materials under the names "EnglishUnitPlans.com", "TheHungerGamesUnitPlan.com" and "TeachingCompanion.com" while using the pseudonyms "Susan Anderson," "Dan Anderson"and most recently "Jennifer Matthews."

This person/company is a known fraud and continues to pop up all over the internet selling their ripped-off lesson plans. Please know that I am in NO WAY affiliated with this person and this is NOT my Hunger Games unit.

I ONLY sell on TeachersPayTeachers and I always use my real name (Tracee Orman). You can actually look me up & look up my credentials. Ask "Jennifer" or "Susan" or "Dan" if they can do the same. (I already know you can't because I've tried. I've only found that one identity is from a deceased teacher, which tells me that this person selling these units under that name is both sick and ruthless.)

Spread the word to your teacher friends so they do not support this scam artist!
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