What's Your District?

From www.TheCapitol.pn - Each District and its Industry

Observant fans of The Hunger Games noticed a strange hashtag on the Lionsgate® credits page after the teaser for "The Hunger Games" movie was aired. It said #whatsmydistrict. After further examination, they realized it was connected to the new website TheCapitol.pn.

When I checked out the site, I got a strange message to identify myself. It connected to my Twitter account and tweeted the message: “The Capitol knows who I am. Identify yourself immediately: http://thecapitol.pn #whatsmydistrict”. The background image, which was garbled and pixelated, moved, as though it was trying to come into focus. As it moved, the sound coming from my computer was a succession of short eerie screeches.

Each day the site has become more clear, now showing off the Capitol seal, and today it went completely live. I registered and was placed in District 7. I am waiting to claim my District 7 Citizen Identification Card (the process can be expedited by connecting with your Twitter and Facebook accounts).

What I am MOST excited about is the new information the site reveals. It shows each of the districts' industries (finally! See picture, above) and how much tesserae is claimed by each district (below). District 12 has the most, and since we know it is also the smallest, it confirms that it is the poorest district, as well.

I can't wait to look at my map of Panem and update it with the new information. (If only it was still summer and there was more time in the day to dig deeper this website and their Twitter and Facebook accounts!) There's also a scrolling message board that announces the weather as chilly (wear a coat), condolences to District 12 families for mine explosion (and urging citizens to donate to the cause) and a teaser about Caesar Flickerman's hair color.

I'm excited they are giving the fans something to not only discuss, but occupy our time as we eagerly await the movie premiere! Will you have your students register? I will have mine (it seems you still can register even if you do not have  Facebook or Twitter).

So what district have YOU been placed in? Comment below after you are "identified."  http://thecapitol.pn

The amount of tesserae claimed by each District. Since District 12 is the smallest in population (about 8,000 people) it obviously has the most citizens living in poverty. What else do you think these numbers reveal? Theories?
The images are screenshots from TheCapitol.pn and as stated on their site: "Pursuant to Panem Law, Materials Appearing on This Site Are Government Owned and Protected." 
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