Banned Books Week: If It's Forbidden, Kids Are Interested

Introduce your students to banned books

Celebrate the FREEDOM to READ this week!

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In honor of Banned Books Week, I'm showcasing some of the books that have been banned or challenged over the years in my classroom.
Banned Books from www.hungergameslessons.com

Banned Books from www.hungergameslessons.com (Photo Tracee Orman)

Students are always amazed to see the many titles that make the lists. How could their beloved childhood favorites possibly be offensive? We discuss the reasons they are challenged and have great debates that usually end with students grabbing up the books and wanting to check them out.

The Hunger Games Trilogy Banned Books Week

Truly, Banned Books Week is a great way to get kids interested in reading (anything that seems remotely "forbidden" or offensive to adults arouses interest in teens).

Banned Books Week 2014
It's not too late to showcase some titles in your classroom. Even if you don't have the books, show students the lists and reasons (you can find links HERE on the ALA.org website).

You can also find FREE resources in my store for Banned Books Week.


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