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I don't know about you, but waiting for "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" movie feels like torture. As a distraction I worked on several big new products this summer. One of them that I think you will love is a bundle of bell ringers and exit slips:

Huge bundle of bell ringers and exit slips; more than you need in a year!

I took some of my favorite activities I've used with my students and created some new ones to form this gigantic 175+ page resource with ready-made bell-ringer/exit slips that you just need to print, cut, & use. You don't have to have a projector to use them and because I like to save paper, each slip only uses 1/4 of a page (see Facebook status page below). They are large enough for students to write on, and small enough that aren't wasting any paper. To conserve year after year, laminate them and have students either type their responses or record them in a journal or reader's notebook.

An added bonus: each activity is aligned to at least one Common Core State Standard for English Language Arts, History and Social Studies, and/or Science and Technical Subjects. The standard(s) are listed on the bottom of each activity, so students can use their checklists to record the date they practiced that particular skill.

Facebook status bell-ringer or exit slip activity: one of 150+ activities to start or end class

Above, I condensed my popular Facebook status activity into a quick and easy format. Use them to gauge student comprehension after reading a chapter (in ANY class) or to review from the previous day. You'll quickly find out who is keeping up and understanding the material and who is struggling (or slacking).

Huge bundle of bell-ringer/exit slips that kids love. www.hungergameslessons.com

I chose to include the most popular activities from my classes, such as my Playlist activity, #Hashtags Vocabulary and Reading activity, Y U No guy (Socratic questioning strategy), and What's Hot? / What's Not? activity. They are versatile enough to use any time for quick assessments, icebreakers, reviews, surveys, and more. Students also love that they aren't long. Oftentimes, I've found they actually write more using these than traditional worksheets. 

Another product I haven't uploaded yet but HOPE to by the end of the sale (mine ends Tuesday at midnight) is my Catching Fire Visual Aids and Writing Prompts presentation. I'm adding many higher-level questions and new pictures to my previous version (which was only available on CD), but it's taking me longer because I want to secure permissions for all the images I include. Here's a sneak peek at one of the pages:

Catching Fire Visual Prompts from www.hungergameslessons.com

And I announced at the beginning of the summer I was discontinuing my CD sales, so I'm slowly uploading activities that were only available on CD previously. Here's one I just uploaded last week:

"The Hunger Games" Review Game - Get 3 rounds (75 questions) in one download.

Hunger Games Review Game Bundle: I always offered my Jeopardy® style games, but only two rounds. Here you get an extra round, PLUS one review game that is specifically to help review for my Part One test. It is completely editable, so you can adjust the questions to suit your needs!

Stay tuned for more updates and don't forget to take advantage of the great sale at TeachersPayTeachers. Happy back-to-school!
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