My Favorite Hunger Games "Pins" This Week

Pinterest is a great site to find visual aides to use in your classroom. I love finding new fan art for The Hunger Games, like this poster of Katniss (left) by Panem Propaganda. After pinning, I checked out their site and loved it! They have amazing original artwork and some very cool maps of Panem, as well.

So I decided to write up a post of some of my favorite Hunger Games "pins" for the week. The images might inspire you to create your own, encourage your students to create fan art, or maybe help you find some interesting ideas for your classroom or for discussion.

Feel free to re-pin from my boards (I have several Hunger Games boards, including Teaching The Hunger Games, The Hunger Games Trilogy, and Hunger Games Freebies). To see the full size images, you'll want to go to one of the boards or the original source (these are just thumbnails).

Here's another pin from Panem Propaganda:
Rise Against the Capitol, pinned by Yourheatherness

I love the look of this poster. Maybe it's the font, maybe it's the colors. But I think it's pretty cool: 
The Capitol is Watching, by breadinhotchocolate... and pinned by The Hunger Games Fireside Chat

This book sculpture is just truly awe-inspiring, isn't it!? 
Created by etsy seller BeckyJArts and found here: http://www.etsy.com/listing/92908844/book-sculpture-the-hunger-games  and pinned by Mashable

I thought this image made a thought-provoking discussion-starter: what would the Hunger Games be like with characters from other series/movies/books (the original idea, of course, was concocted by Adam Spunberg, Savanna New, and Shylah Addante when they created The Potter Games last summer).  Image pinned by iwastesomuchtime.com

A hilarious parody by "How It Should Have Ended" or HISHE for short. They have a couple of Hunger Games animated shorts they posted on their YouTube channel. Hunger Games HISHE - Bonus Scene, pinned by Me.
And finally, my "Make Your Own Hunger Games Poster" digital download. It's an editable template you can use to create your own classroom posters using Hunger Games-inspired backgrounds (based on the cover and inside pages of the novels), pinned by Me.

What are your favorites?

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