Special Thanks to the Authors of The Hunger But Mainly Death Games

The Hunger But Mainly Death Games by Bratniss Everclean; with a message from Bratniss from the arena.

  A funny thing happened when I stopped in to school to water my plants over holiday break. I checked my mail and, lo and behold, I had a package from the authors of The Hunger But Mainly Death Games.
  Inside was a message to my students from none other than Bratniss Everclean. Writing from the arena on a leaf (because they don't provide the tributes with paper, of course), she provided them with some valuable advice: "Never volunteer for a teenage death tournament." Well, there was a little more to the message. But in my excitement for finding a package in my school mailbox instead of the never ending prom favors/decorations catalogs, I ripped open the package hastily and part of the leaf crumbled before I realized what it was (see picture below). When my students return from break on the 10th, I will share the leaf and see if they can figure out what else Bratniss wanted them to know.

  My sincerest thanks goes out to the authors for providing a few extra copies of their awesome book for my students. But finding the note inside the package was like getting an extra scoop of ice cream with a hot fudge sundae.

  You see, I've been stalking following the authors on Twitter (@HungerGameSpoof) because, not only is their parody of Suzanne Collins's The Hunger Games over-the-top funny, their tweets are, as well. For example, they decided to tweet the characters' New Year resolutions. (Great lesson idea, teachers!) Here's what they wrote:
 (And for those that say she volunteered, [spoiler alert] she was, in fact, picked/reaped for Catching Fire.) And they also tweet funny things like:

  Anyway, a few weeks ago I had mentioned in a tweet that I should have ordered more of the print books because I had some boys that would probably fight over who got to check out the book first from my classroom library. Well, receiving these extra books from the authors completely made my day! I know my students will love them and they are sure to find the note hilarious and intriguing. And they will certainly lecture me on opening packages more carefully so when we get another message written on a dead leaf from a character in a book, they'll be able to read what that character wanted them to do (or not do), instead of leaving the character high and dry in the arena somewhere.

  OK, so that's probably not likely to happen again. But I will open the packages more carefully from now on. I promise.
The message to my students from Bratniss Everclean.

The...um...rest of the message to my students from Bratniss Everclean.

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