Divergent: The Next Hunger Games?

Divergent by Veronica Roth has been touted as the "next Hunger Games" and I've even seen reviews that claim it's better than The Hunger Games. Could it be? Could there be a new novel that will engage your students as well and leave them thirsty for more? As much as I hoped there would be, I was disappointed.

Perhaps my expectations were too high for Roth's debut novel. After reading numerous rave reviews, I expected so much more. I expected to fall in love with the characters. I expected that once I started reading it I wouldn't want to stop. I expected to feel more emotion while reading the story. And I expected to be yearning for more once I was finished. But I felt none of these things.

I do think Roth is a good writer and I am sure she will improve as she continues to write the series. The story is interesting, and I liked picturing Chicago in the future (though scary, still fascinating). But when it comes to telling a story, Roth is no Suzanne Collins. Collins has the ability to keep you on edge, want to turn the page, cry when a character dies, and practically drive yourself insane waiting for her next novel. But Divergent does not even come close. And, believe me, I would love to read a novel even better. I didn't think I'd like a series as well as Harry Potter until Twilight. Then THG came along and all was good.

I do like the characters even though the story was predictable. But there was no strong connection. And Tris is pretty tough, but sometimes pretty cruel. The way she goes back and forth from being selfish and selfless is a little annoying and her feelings for Four aren't really expressed in way that made me interested to see what would happen between them. Will I change how I feel about Tris and Four when I read the next book? Maybe. But right now, I'm definitely not hungry for the next installment in the trilogy.

On the bright side, Roth is only 22 years old. Yes, just 22. She has many, many years to perfect her already good writing style. 

You can learn more about Divergent on Veronica Roth's blog: http://veronicarothbooks.blogspot.com/
Find out which faction you would belong to here: http://www.facebook.com/DivergentSeries?sk=app_203946119628644
Where would I belong? Results showed me Amity, which didn't surprise me. Peace-out. :)


  1. I agree! What I find incredible is that the author wrote this story during her college years in place of doing her homework! An accomplishment for sure and what a great graduation gift!

    Have you read "Matched?"

    1. Read it! I liked it, although it was Really predictable.

  2. I'll be reading it soon (I may wait until closer to the release of the second book); it's been checked out from my classroom as soon as I brought it to school! The girls who've already read it liked it and can't wait for the second book.

    I read "Delirium" which was pretty good. I didn't realize Delirium is going to be a series, too.

  3. I have never read "The Hunger Games", but after visiting your site so many times, I have placed it high on my summer reading list. My 14 year old daughter has read them all, and did love them!

  4. I hadn't heard of this book. I'll have to give it a try! I love THG so much, I don't know if I'll ever find another series as good or better!

  5. Mrs. Magee - I agree. It will be hard to top THG! And Amy, definitely put it at the top of your list. You'll wonder why you hadn't read it sooner. I had it on my nightstand for months before I finally read it. I was so mad I hadn't sooner, but it didn't sound appealing. Boy, was I wrong! :)

  6. I actually found Divergent more likable than the Hunger Games. I found I was able to connect with Divergent on a personal level more so than with THG. First time on your site and it looks cool. Have you read The Maze Runner? Great story.

  7. Thanks, Betty! I have read The Maze Runner. I was upset at the ending because I had to wait for The Scorch Trials, but I still haven't read it. So many other books I put ahead of it. Plus, part of me wants to wait until until the third is out so I can go right into that one after. I think part of my problem with Divergent is the waiting for the continuation of the story. I only had to wait a few weeks for CF after I read THG. That helped me become closer to the characters, I think. I will probably revisit the book this summer.

  8. I had to comment on this now since I hadn't yet read it :-) I think you already know that we agree on this. Even after reading Insurgent, I still am not has hooked as I was when I read THG. I did like the second book better and you do find out more of what is happening...which I think that was supposed to be the pull behind the first book, wanting to know more...but I didn't get that feeling when I was done. I just felt a bit of disappointment. The ending of the second book is far better and leaves me wanting to read more. I also agree that her writing does get better....and I am hopeful that the third book will leave me wanting to read more of what she writes in the future. I don't think I would have ever read THG if it weren't for you enthusiasm towards the series. I am so glad I did!!


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