Donald Sutherland is President Snow

Sutherland as Snow from www.Iamthemockingjay.net

Well, ®Lionsgate does it again. They chose someone I hadn't even considered for a role in the upcoming Hunger Games movie, but who seems to fit the the character perfectly.
  Donald Sutherland had not entered my mind as a potential for President Snow. And, just like with Woody Harrelson as Haymitch, I think, Why didn't I consider him?
  I think ®Lionsgate's casting choices are brilliant for "The Hunger Games" movie, due out March 23, 2012.
  And you MUST check out these amazing images of Sutherland as Snow on I AM THE MOCKINGJAY website (shown above). Sam Cushion is the talented artist and website creator. You can also check out his graphic design and photography on Deviant Art, as well. Thanks for sharing your images with us, Sam!
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