Where Will Mockingjay: Part 1 End?

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Probably the most debated question in my classroom right now regarding the movie "Mockingjay: Part 1" is where will it end?

Will it end on a cliff hanger moment? Or will we have a mini-resolution moment before we move on to Part 2?

This is a great discussion starter to have with your students, because you can discuss the plot and analyze which is better for the movie-makers: ending the movie with a cliff-hanger, or resolving the current scene first?

Let's look at the other big franchise movies that split the final book into two parts: Harry Potter and Twilight.

*Spoiler alert if you haven't read the books or seen these movies*

Twilight's "Breaking Dawn: Part 1" ended after Bella gave birth and turned into a vampire. We know she has "survived" (well, her character has survived as a vampire, though her human self is, indeed, dead). With this ending, the viewer is not left to wonder if she is still alive or if the baby survived. It's resolved for the moment, anyway.

Harry Potter's "The Deathly Hallows: Part 1" ended after Dobby has died and Lord Voldemort has found the elder wand. Though it did not end with a big cliff-hanger, there are still several unresolved issues: Harry and the gang still need to find the remaining horcruxes and Lord Voldemort is still at large, now with Dumbledore's powerful wand. It was definitely a depressing and anti-climatic ending.

Considering neither movie really ended at a huge cliff-hanger, it seems plausible that "Mockingjay: Part 1" won't, either.

Here are some example speculations for endings (the one I'm leaning toward is highlighted):

• Chapter 10 as the Capitol showers bombs on District 13.
   Reasons it won't end here:
    -Too soon in the book
    -Not much has been resolved at this point
    -We know via the trailers the movie goes further into the plot

• End of chapter 12 where Katniss and Peeta reunite and Peeta chokes Katniss.
  Reasons it won't end here:
    -The audience would be soooo mad
    -Still too soon in the book

• End of chapter 15 right after Katniss gets shot.
  Reasons it won't end here:
    -Again, audiences would be sooooo mad
    -Though it's over halfway, there are still so many events yet to happen
    -We need the main characters to be in one place–the same place–together for the ending

• End after Finnick and Annie's wedding in chapter 16.
  Reasons it could end here:
    -There's enough resolution, knowing Katniss is OK and Peeta is getting better
    -It leaves enough of the plot for a full-length second movie
    -The audience should be satisfied with the sweet (though bittersweet for those who have read the book) ending
    -There will be enough exposition with Katniss and Johanna training to go to the Capitol for the beginning of the Part 2 movie

• End as the Star Squad gets ready to leave for the Capitol in chapter 18.
  Reasons it won't end here:
    -Though there are many events left to cover, it seems too far in (2/3 to be exact) to end here
    -Ending just as they are about to leave for the Capitol would be torture on audiences
    -It wouldn't leave much room for an exposition in the Part 2 movie (you can't start the movie going right into battle; there has to be a build-up)

What do YOU think? Comment below or on my Google+ page.

Watch the trailers and see for yourself. Are there any clues in the trailers where it will end?

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