Catching Fire Movie Trailer and Chapter 5 Symbolism: Effie's "Wings"?

The first time I watched the "The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" teaser released yesterday by MTV, it was obvious the setting was District 11 on the Victory Tour. The Victory Tour is one of my favorite parts of the novel because we get to see the other districts and have clues to their locations. But it's NOT long enough in the book! I really wanted more. But I guess that's what will make the movie even more exciting...filling in all those gaps.

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Collins spends more time unfolding the story in District 11 than in any other district. I love the details of the fence surrounding the district, the justice building, and how they flee to an unused room in the dome. Before they flee, they drop their things off in their room and the description is perfect, from the ceiling, the scent of the blossoms in a vase (eh-hm...yes, some foreshadowing there), and the carvings in the molding. Which reminds me of the the teaser...

Call me crazy, but doesn't it look like Effie is wearing wings?
The Hunger Games: Catching Fire - Effie's "Wings"

I mean, they do kind of look like angels' wings, right?
Go back and read page 64 in Catching Fire. What are those carvings in the molding again? Yes, "small, fat children with wings." Which would be cherubs, yes? I cannot stop my mind from going into overdrive when I see these things, so I apologize if I am being one of those annoying English teachers that looks too deeply into every little thing (hey, this is what I live for; I can't help it!).

Perhaps this part stands out to me because several years ago I created a lesson for my students specifically dealing with those cherubs and Katniss' lack of knowing what they were or what they symbolized in terms of religion, and why it was important enough to be included in those details.

The activity in my Catching Fire Discussion Questions pack has students analyze the reference to the cherub, what it may symbolize, and why Collins' may have included it in the novel.
Catching Fire Discussion Question - Connect to Movie Teaser
Studying Raphael's Sistine Madonna painting, which has the iconic cherubs at the bottom, is an excellent way to connect art and literature. Making comparisons like this is also one of the Common Core State Standards for literature (RL.7).

Questions to ponder & discuss...
What do you think? Do Effie's sleeve look like wings? Could it be symbolic of the "angels" Katniss sees in District 11?

Could this be a way to include that symbolism in the movie without having to include that part from the book? Do you think they will cut out the part where they flee to the dome of the justice building?

What else did you notice in the teaser? Does District 11 look like you imagined? Why or why not?

Feel free to post your responses, comments, or additional observations below! I'd love to read them.

You can find numerous resources for teaching all the books in The Hunger Games trilogy in my teacher store.

Catching Fire Novel Teaching Unit
Catching Fire Discussion Questions

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