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If Panem had elections... from Hunger Games Lessons
Last week's Presidential debate got me thinking about what Panem would be like if they held Presidential elections, and other government-related questions. Of course, this being a "Things that make me go hmmm..." post, it's a great way to get your students thinking critically about the novel and relating it to the real world.

Classroom Connections
You can prompt your students with the following questions that begin with "If Panem had elections...":
• If Panem had elections...
...would President Snow run for re-election? Why or why not?
...who would run against President Snow? Why would this character make a good candidate?
...who would be elected President? Why?

Have them delve even deeper with these questions:
• If Panem was a democracy, how would life be different for the district citizens? How would it be different for the Capitol citizens?
• Would there still be a Hunger Games each year? Why or why not?
• What should the voting age be? Why?
• Would there be age restrictions for those running for President? If so, why and what minimum age would you set? If not, why not?
• Would each district have their own leaders? What would they be called: governors? Mayors? Or something completely new?

If you would like handouts with graphic organizers and a student/group project for your students relating to the elections, I just posted these in my store tonight: Hunger Games Trilogy Presidential Elections Activity Pack 
  It's 14 pages of activities that encourage critical thinking; students will have to support their opinions with facts. It's also aligned with the ELA Common Core State Standards for grades 6-12. Download the free preview for additional information.

Government Activity Pack The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games Trilogy President Snow Election Activity

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