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Here are my favorite Pinterest Pins this week. And, YES, we do have a Finnick Odair cast for Catching Fire! Am I happy about it? Well, I'm not sure. I've never seen Sam Claflin act in anything, so I don't feel I can judge him solely by his looks. If I were, I would say he doesn't look at all how I pictured Finnick. But I must trust Lionsgate, so I am going to stay neutral and hope for the best!

You can find all of these pins on my Hunger Games board. 
The links to the original pins are there, as well:

Some Hunger Games humor that made me laugh out loud this week. These are also found on my Hunger Games board:

And these I love...just because. They can be found on my Humor board:

As you can probably tell from my short posts lately, I am back in school! I promise once things get settled down I'll be writing more regularly. And make sure you check back this weekend for something EXTRA SPECIAL. ;)

Also, I have a fun post about elementary teachers vs. secondary teachers when it comes to getting ready for the first day of school on my Mrs. Orman's Classroom blog that I will complete later tonight. Enjoy!
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