It's a Literacy Revolution & You're Needed!

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Katniss fueled the spark that began the revolution in The Hunger Games trilogy. Whether she meant to or not, wanted to or not, she became the symbol of the rebellion; she became the mockingjay.

While Katniss's revolution is fictional, there's a real one going on right now. It's a literacy revolution. Shylah is the author and creator of the blog A Tribute to Tributes. She spear-headed the literacy revolution after reading the series and feeling as though the trilogy needed to end in a happier or more hopeful way. A way in which good trumps evil.  And she also knew that one of the best ways to build a strong nation and end poverty and oppression is through education. "Education powers revolutions." (I'm With the Mockingjay)

That led her to the DonorsChoose.org website, where she found a teacher who only needed $100 to fund her project of 35 copies of The Hunger Games for her high-poverty, under-funded school. The teacher knew that her students would be able to relate to the themes of injustice and oppression. With Shylah's help, the project was funded & the students got their books.

But she hasn't stopped there; she is continually seeking out teachers who need their projects funded. Ones that will share the love for The Hunger Games with hundreds, probably thousands, of children. It is a revolution that is seeking your involvement, your generosity.

She explains on her blog the purpose of the project:
"Our goal is simple. As Hunger Games fans who believe in equity and empowerment, we will work to fund as many as possible of the requests for Hunger Games books posted on donorschoose.org. We’ll take it one class at a time—just as Katniss and the Rebels worked District by District to overthrow the Capitol."

Imagine how many students will begin to love to read again after reading The Hunger Games in school.  Imagine what just one person's generosity can do for all these children. And, in turn, what it could do for generations of children. When you give to a project, you are not only helping that classroom of children, you are helping the future. Those children will remember your generosity and pass it on to their children. And a new cycle will form. One that spreads literacy and a love for reading. One that could mean a way out of poverty for many children. Because without reading skills, we all know how limited our choices, our world, becomes.

Visit the Literacy Revolution site; Shylah has links to classroom projects that need your funding. And when you donate, don't forget to add the following to your personal message:

“I gave to this project because I'm with the Mockingjay, and support a literacy revolution in American classrooms.”

(Source: Literacy Revolution)
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