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Don't miss out on the opportunity to win an iPod Touch from Scholastic. To celebrate the upcoming movie, the members of Scholastic's official blog are asking for your input on what you most anticipate seeing in The Hunger Games movie. Write your comment here and don't forget to include your email so they can contact you if you win!

This is a great mini-writing assignment opportunity for teachers. Ask students to write their top three scenes from the novel that they can't wait to see in the movie and why those scenes are important. Then have them narrow it down to just one or two scenes. They could read their responses to the class for feedback before posting on the website.

Another learning activity is to have students read all the responses on the website and tally the different scenes. Which one is most popular? To incorporate a little math, have them create a chart with the top 10 most popular anticipated scenes. Then have them put the data into a pie graph.

Teachers: Scholastic offers many free lessons and printables for all subject areas and even at the high school level. Check out their TeacherShare resources here, where teachers across the nation share their ideas.


  1. i really would like to see Katniss' hunting skills. They were described amazingly in the book and I want to see what effects the movie can use to immitate that.


  2. I would really love to see the part with the mutated wolves. It's my favorite part of the entire book. If the movie was just like the book during that scene it would be a really cool fight scene with Cato and them jumping up the thingy to get away.

    I am also very interested on seeing Katnis herself through the entire movie and how she acts through the different scenes


  3. I would really love to see the part in the cave with Katniss and Peeta! Or the part with the mutated wolves either one! The part in the cave is my favorite part. I really want to see the part when Katniss kills Cato. That's one of my favorite parts! I am really exited to see the movie itself!



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