Mainstay Productions Releases Katniss and Peeta Cave Scene

From The Hunger Games Examiner.

  Mainstay Productions gives The Hunger Games fans something to relish as we wait for Lionsgate to release any news (like who will portray the characters!) for "The Hunger Games" movie, to be released March 23, 2012.

Even though this scene from the cave (where Peeta describes when he first fell in love with Katniss) is only a screen test of the actor's chemistry for an action movie, it still helps visualize the scene in the cave that gave me goosebumps when I read it! The actor playing Peeta is British, but still has that sweetness we'd expect from Peeta. What do you think, fans?

You can also view their Katniss and Rue scene here, if you are one of the few who haven't seen it yet. I, myself, did not feel so strongly either way, except that I was mad the story didn't follow the book (Glimmer would have been dead by this scene and Rue has dark skin, hair, and eyes rather than blond). But if it was just a screen test for those actors to play in a different movie like the Katniss and Peeta cave scene, I completely understand.

Either way, Mainstay is giving us fans something to see, at least! :)

Sara Gundell writes more in The Hunger Games Examiner here.


  1. It was a screen test for another movie, as stated above. Mainstay has produced these movie shorts in order to test the actors for other roles. So, if you mean it's fake because it's not the actors who are portraying the characters in the Lionsgate movie, you are correct.

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