Hunger Games Trilogy Teaching Unit CDs

Digital Download vs. Shipped CD
Many teachers ask me the difference between purchasing the digital download teaching unit vs. the shipped CD. The number one difference is the amount of files included. The digital downloads have a limit of 25MB, the CDs have a limit of 700MB; therefore, I am able to include a lot more on the CDs.

• For starters, the CDs include most of the files in three formats: PDF, Microsoft Word, and Pages (Mac's word processing).
• I can also include the slideshow review games in both Powerpoint, PDF, and Keynote.
• Plus, the CDs include visual aide slideshows in Powerpoint, PDF, Keynote, and Quicktime movie (.mov) formats.
• I can include many extra files (such as images relating to the novel), as well.

You will still get all the essential files (such as tests, check questions, vocabulary) in both the digital download and CD. Below is a chart that gives an example of  The Hunger Games digital download vs. The Hunger Games Shipped CD  for content. Click on each image to blow up. 

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